Proven solutions
in a new form

NEO model construction is based on pneumatic mechanism as a continuation of highly appreciated technology which is characterized by unsurpassed reliability and affordable price. By acknowledging the dentist’s suggestions, we created for NEO a new design that set new trends and opened another chapter in the history of our company’s development. The way NEO looks is an outcome of our over 20 years of experience in dental unit design and the fresh perspective of talented designers cast on the unit’s form.

NEO model owes its modern and light look to the properly balanced proportions of arches and cute angles. The contrasts are also visible in the use of colours. Graphite background of the keypad and the colour buttons make esthetical contrast to the white of the panel. Each unit can be given unique character by the use of a wide range of upholstery colours. Additionally, in CERTUS NEO model, the cuspidor block column can be varnished in a colour chosen from the colour book.

NEO dentist panel has especially designed hose construction with a range that enables comfortable work, together with ergonomic handle and pneumatic brake button on it. The panel can be equipped with five handpieces or tools which are set on the newly designed silicone pad that is removable and easy to clean and sterilize. A tray, placed under the dentist’s panel, is made of varnished aluminum and is of optimal size which allows to place two standard size trays for instruments.

The keypads placed on the dentist’s and assistant’s panels, designed from scratch, are of completely new quality given the ergonomics and comfort of use. Groups of buttons are marked with graphic symbols and grouped in colours, additionally emphasized by convex, embossed buttons. Thanks to it the dentist can choose the right button even without looking at the keypad. The buttons respond with a slight but clear click. The assistant’s panel in standard has 4 holders and the keypad, which is used for controlling all unit’s and chair’s functions.

The cuspidor block with moveable bowl section has been extended and has integrated box for hygienic tissues.

Similarly, as all other models from our offer, NEO model is equipped with lamps by G.COMM Italian company and handpieces by renowned NSK Japanese concern.