The Makromed Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. (Ltd.), is one of the founders of the dynamic growth in the dental industry and the leader among Polish producers of units. We produce the most famous in Poland dental units EXIMA and CERTUS as well as AMICUS chairs and stools. We offer unit models in different configurations with equipment that meet the dentist’s expectations. Our units are like well qualified assist that helps the dentist to focus on the most important aspects of treatment.

Thanks to unique ideas and solutions implemented to production, we are at the top among companies with profound knowledge of dental unit production. Years of work equal years of experience and perfecting original solutions.

Firma zdjęcie główne

We originated production of units controlled by pneumatic signal. Each and every tiny detail of unit was created in our designer’s office, it was tested and manufactured in our company with respect to a very strict quality standard ISO 13 485, a result of management quality system for medical devices having been implemented many years earlier. We choose production materials on our own, then we make each construction element: we develop and produce electronic components ourselves. We are the only Polish company producing units from scratch.

Family relations that we have in the company, foster work of the best specialists in the field. Together we create ethos for our production. We work very hard so that our next unit models would convince you with their reliability, durability and functionality.

Since 1995 the Makromed company has been the authorized representative of NSK Nakanishi concern for the Polish market.