Dealer’s support system

The success of our company lies not only in its exceptional, up-to-date and reliable products, but also in our superb cooperation with dealers’ network. Do you want to be a dealer for dental units produced by our company? You are welcomed to take advantage of our exceptional support system for Makromed company dealers!

Dealer’s discounts program

We offer to our dealers unique benefits package, with high dealer’s discounts in particular. Every dealership company receives from us a discount on the basic level which then can increase depending on the turnover level. We encourage all companies from trading and servicing businesses to take this attractive offer.

For details, please contact Development and Marketing department:

Marek Żyliński

Business Development Manager

phone +48 42 678 88 54 ext. 105

Possibility to display dental units and NSK products.

Do you run a trading company where you have a free showroom space to display our dental units and/or a showcase with NSK products? Totally free of charge – the dealership company provides showroom space and we set the units and the showcases together with POS retail package (roll-up, catalogues, etc.) on our expense. We also promote sales points with showroom on our website, in catalogues and in other advertising materials.

For details, please contact Development and Marketing department:

Maciej Żyliński

Marketing Manager

phone +48 42 678 88 54 wew. 106