NSK Nakanishi Inc.

Almost from the very beginning of our activity, we are the representative of the Japanese NSK Nakanishi concern for the Polish market, currently the largest dental handpiece manufacturer in the world now.

Global market share in dental handpieces:
NSK – 23%, KaVo – 19%, Dentsply Sirona – 15%, W & H – 11%, BienAir – 5%, STAR – 4%, others – 23%
(data for 2015, manufacturer’s research)

NSK Nakanishi concern has been established in Tokyo, in 1930, and from its beginning specialized in the field of dental equipment products. Irrespective of its size and being recognized worldwide, NSK Nakanishi remains the family business, which means that the quality of their products, the level of their service, and their care for customers are among their strategic goals. Since 2000, NSK Nakanishi has been noted on the Tokyo stock exchange. The combination of family traditions and the care for the label and quality is a recipe for the development of a modern business framework, extremely dynamic growth, and company’s progress.

Among NSK Nakanishi products there are titanium body handpieces, tooth polishing systems, scalers, electric, pneumatic, and prosthetic micromotors, enododntic and surgical devices as well as a whole range of LED illuminated equipment. We also have a full offer of spare parts.